Enjoy Your Summer in Austin

May 23rd, 2014, Posted By Austin Housemates

Thursday Night Social Ride, Austin, Texas

Whether you’ve lived here for years or if you’ve just landed at Austin-Bergstrom, you’ve realized one thing: Austin is HOT. Now, the weather lately has been bearable – with a decent amount of rain and a nice breeze, but when we break into that peak summer season you may find yourself melting on 6th street. For those not familiar with a humid summer, Texas heat may come as a surprise. It’s thick, it’s heavy, and it’s sweltering. People will try and tell you that you’ll get used to it, but that isn’t going to happen overnight. There are ways to prepare and avoid the Texas heat without fighting for a spot at the pool or running up your electric bill.

The best way to enjoy your Texas Summer is to take advantage of the Austin night life. Austin takes care of its residents by offering up tons of outdoor festivities during the coolest hours of the day. Not only are the drink specials always better after the sun goes down, but live performances and outdoor movie theaters can completely turn around a hot and boring summer day. The Metz Recreation Center has weekly movie showings throughout the summer, making it a perfect stop for families. Zilker Park offers up Oklahoma! as this year’s Summer Musical in the Park, starting July 11th. And it’s right next to Barton Springs! The icy cool natural spring on the Greenbelt that is oh-so-refreshing in the middle of July. Only in Austin can you spend the whole day swimming in the springs followed by a musical performance right across the street.

The city also boasts its fair share of public parks which, once sunset starts, are great places to enjoy the summer. Whether you’re planning a dinner picnic, taking an evening jog, or taking the dog out for some quality outdoor adventures, Austin’s parks are definitely the place to be (and they’re free!). If you’re a cyclist, these parks are popular pit stops for the numerous social cycling groups around the city. These are large groups of leisure bike riders who hit the trails or head downtown once a week or so. Many of the rides happen in the early morning or early evening when the weather is just right. If you’re new to the city, this is a great way to meet locals and learn your way around. One of the most active cycling groups meets at Festival Beach in Edward Rendon Park every Thursday at 730pm, so if you have a bike check them out!

If it’s you’re first summer with us here in Austin, keep an eye on the do512 website (www.do512.com) as they consistently post all upcoming summer events. You can fill up your calendar with fun activities or relaxing evenings instead of wasting away in front of your AC unit. If you have any ideas or know of any summer events happening throughout July and August, hit us up on Facebook and let us know!