How To Stay Healthy on a Budget

November 8th, 2013, Posted By Austin Housemates


Getting healthy and staying healthy can actually save you lots of money in the long run. By taking care of yourself through healthy eating, you can actually save money on medical bills and even keep your insurance down. Sounds simple enough to do, right?

Think again – There’s the Catch 22. Easy to prepare, convenient, or “fast” food is less expensive and more accessible to people on a budget than whole, organic, good for you food. But never fear – it’s not the end of your budget-friendly healthy eating/grocery shopping days! 


Check out these 4 quick tips for Staying Healthy on a Budget: 

1. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store: Have you ever noticed the produce, meats, and seafood tends to be around the perimeter of the store? Try to only stay in this area. That way you’ll escape the expensive pre-made foods, and unnecessary chips and cookies that just add to your grocery bill and waistline. If you need something from the middle like bread or whole-grain pasta, just grab it quickly and go! 

2. Plan out your meals for the week: Take a moment on Sunday, grab a pen and paper, and plan out meals or meal ideas for the week. Preparing is the key to success AND saving money. This way, you might find you have leftovers for lunch every day, cutting out a huge daily expense. Also, if you and your Austin Roommates like to have dinner together, you might find yourself saving some money and time by preparing and planning meals as a household.

3. Buy Frozen Vegetables: Frozen vegetables are actually fresher and cheaper than a lot of the produce and canned foods in the store aisles. Frozen veggies are flash frozen as soon as they’re picked and immediately prepared to be sold. Bags can cost as little as $1 and can be really convenient if you have a fast paced lifestyle.

4. Go local! Have a farmer’s market nearby? Check it out! Produce and meats can actually be less expensive at a local farmer’s market. You may have to buy in bulk to get a special price, however it’s not all that bad if you make plans to use some and freeze some for later!


It’s true, we live in a culture where fast food, whether healthy or not, is prioritized thereby increasing prices on whole, natural foods that might take a little more effort to be made. But with just a little planning and some mindful shopping and eating, you absolutely can be healthy and stay within your budget. Keep these 4 tips in mind the next time you’re shopping, and share with your fellow Austin Roommates!