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Keep Austin Weird – Quirky Winter Tips to Stay Energy-Efficient

November 9th, 2014, Posted By Austin Housemates

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Now that the weekend of Fun Fun Fun Fest is behind us, it’s time to pull out the bulky jackets and the close-toed shoes and hope that another ice storm isn’t coming our way this winter. Roommate living and apartment living comes with its own tensions during the winter season when people are trapped indoors and bickering over the heating bill. Avoid these and other issues by following these few – albeit quirky – tips.

Clean Out the Fridge: This may not be your favorite chore, but cleaning out the fridge will increase your energy efficiency and reduce your power bill. As the refrigerator is one of the biggest strains on the power in your apartment or home, cleaning out the interior as well as the coils on the exterior will keep it running smoothly and appropriately while reducing its pull on your power source. This way, on the colder nights, you won’t feel the bank tighten when you turn up the heat a little bit.

Run Ceiling Fans Counter-Clockwise: Sounds weird, right? But in actuality, reversing the direction of your ceiling fan will send hot air from the ceiling back toward your living space and bedroom. So turn the heat down and turn on the fans.

Buy a Humidifier: Keep the heat down low and purchase a humidifier (also known as a vaporizer). Just like a de-humidifier keeps you cool during our hellacious Texas summers, a humidifier will keep you warm during our unpredictable winter season. Just like you did when you were young and sick with a cold, keeping the air humid will keep it warmer inside your apartment or bedroom. You’ll stay toasty warm without having to worry about an expensive power bill.

Re-Arrange Your Furniture: Time for some feng shui! Especially if you have floor vents, moving your furniture around and away from these vents will free up a lot of space for hot air to warm. Also consider moving beds and couches away from windows and toward the center of the room. This way, vents are free for the circulation of warm air, and any drafts of cool air will stay away from your sleeping and lounging comforts.

Buy a Snake: But not that kind of snake. A door-stopper snake is an elongated bean bag that sits at the base of any door to block drafts. You can purchase an inexpensive snake at local hardware stores or choose to make your own if you’re into arts and crafts and want it to match your personal décor tastes. We recommend the twin models which fit on both sides of the door without obstructing the opening and closing of said door.